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2012 ESOP Book Updates Available on the Website


This is an important message about the leading reference work on ESOPs: Employee Stock Ownership Plans: ESOP Planning, Financing, Implementation, Law, and Taxation.

Our book has extensive website tools and accurate updates available to you as a book owner. This announcement gives you important information about these valuable website tools and privileges, as well as information about the updates to chapters and appendices added to the website since the book's publication.

The Members Area at the ESOP Book's website is where we keep information regarding updates and other items of interest that are available only to book owners. These state-of-the-art chapters, appendices, and critical information postings have been added to the website periodically since the book was first published at the beginning of 2007. We plan to do this until the next edition or the next supplement is published.

Currently available to you on the website (after logging in) are a number of updated chapters and appendices.

We have also placed electronic copies of the detailed Table of Contents, General Index, and Statutory and Regulatory Reference Index in the Members Area of the ESOP Book's website. These three Adobe files are useful Research Tools. You can download them to use as often as you desire and search through them to find in the book the specific information you want. Virtually everything you would want to find out about ESOPs is there; finding it in the 1,700-plus pages in the two volumes goes so much faster with these flexible, useful tools. Please note that the editors have generally arranged to have the updated chapters and appendices searchable electronically.

Also in the Members Area are Memorandums and periodic legislative flashes and updates of importance, as well as important articles and announcements that you might not otherwise see. There are several on the website now that should be of interest, including the announcement of some important studies and research.

The authors are the best in their industries and professions, their experience and insights are available to you through their hard work. Even if your immediate use of the book only allows an initial savings of a few hours (plus the attendant advisors fees) this more than repays the nominal cost of the book. And like a renewable resource, the book and alls its years of experience are available to accurately help solve the next problem, and the next. And the next.

A detailed listing of the chapters, appendices and other information that has been updated can be seen by clicking on the link below.

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